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Workshop Opportunities

Using Disperse Dyes to Transfer
Images on to Fabrics

In this class you will learn the basic techniques for transferring images on to Fabric from paper, using heat transferable paints, crayons, stamps, and transfer pens. I hope you will be inspired to try the heat transfer products. Disperse dyes offer unlimited creative possibilities for patch work, design, appliqué and mixed media. Often the most rewarding results occur when combing several techniques.
This will be a day of discovery……


Would you like to use a few simple tools and techniques to create fantastic quilts? Then Paintstiks are for you. Shiva® Paintstiks will enhance your fabrics with incredible effects. I can guarantee astonishing results for both beginners and experienced artists.
In this class students will use Paintstiks to embellish fabric using; rubbing plates, stencils, masking tape and stencil brushes. Participants will create a wall quilt or project of their choice with the embellished fabric.

Easy Machine Quilting without Marking

In this full Day class you will learn to machine quilt without “Marking” the quilt. We will explore a variety of designs appropriate for background quilting, figures, and abstract designs.
Instruction will include extensive discussion of appropriate needles, bobbins threads and tension settings.
We will trouble shoot quilting problems and provide time for one on one quilting instruction.
You need not be an expert but some machine quilting experience is necessary.

Finishing Techniques:
Preparing to Exhibit the Quilt

Finishing a quilt is as important as the overall design process. This class will provide instruction in blocking, and squaring up a quilt in preparation for an exhibit. Participants will bind and face three small 10” x 10” quilts. Extensive discussion of making a good first quilt impression will be discussed.
This is a full day class.

Surface Design Workshop

In this two day class participants will use a variety of materials to create Surface Design elements. We will explore the following materials: Bleach discharge, Mono Printing, Stamping, fabric crackle effects and fabric paints.
Upon completion of the class students will have created 20 journal size samples to review for further study.
All participants must wear a mask during bleach discharging techniques.

Creative Silk-screening for Surface Design

In this two-day class you will learn a variety of techniques to add texture and imagery to your textile design. We will explore the improvisational aspects of silk screening onto fabric. This class is designed to meet the needs of advanced participants as well as those new to surface design.

Using Inktense / Water Color Pencils
to Add Color & Design Options
for Creating Textile Art.

This class will introduce participants to the use of Inktense Pencils/ Watercolor Pencils to further enhance design options for Textile Art. We will explore traditional watercolor methods as well some innovated approaches to this medium. This class does not require any previous art experience. This is a full day class.

Mono Printing

We will explore tools and approaches to this fun way of making images and adding texture to fabric. Participants will print their own fabric using textile paint. No previous art experience is necessary. Wonderful results guaranteed. This is a full day class.

Prayer Flags

If you want to explore new techniques with out making a huge investment in time, size or materials, prayer flags may be your answer.
We will use these small vignette’s 5” x 11” to investigate a variety of surface design techniques. Pieced fabrics and appliqued fabrics may be also used for this project. This is a full day class.

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