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Valerie C. White
Quilt Artist & Educator

Valerie White

I am first and foremost a storyteller. I have specific ideas and messages I want to express in my Art. I work with intent. My goal is to create Art that suggests new considerations for objects that are mundane and familiar. As a multi- media artist I have chosen to express myself using textiles, this multi-media approach includes textile paint, dye, and markers as well as removing and adding color. The process of layering in cloth is what particularly attracts me in. I’m attempting to produce cloth that is mysterious; the idea of seeing almost invisible images created by color and stitch intrigues me.

Valerie C. White

An award winning Fiber Artist Valerie C. White has been creating quilts for almost twenty years. A retired Art educator from the District of Columbia Public Schools in Washington DC, she continues to share her passion for textiles, teaching and presenting lectures nationally.

Conscience of the Human Spirit:
The Life of Nelson Mandela

Tributes by artists from South Africa
and the United States
A collaborative project of Michigan State University Museum,Women of Color Quilters Network
and South African quilt artists.

"It was the memories of home, family and community that sustained Mandela during his 27 years in prison. In essays written after his release, Nelson writes of being determined to hold onto his 'Collective Memories' this wise and ancient practice would empower him to survive apartheid.
I attempted to illustrate components of his life that form “collective memories” for us to remember him always."

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